Blood Bank

Commencement of department:  Around September 2008, Blood Transfusion department began its journey in our premises as Kailash Cancer hospital and research centre blood bank (previously matrushree virbhai jalaram blood bank) , adding feathers of component therapy and latest LR SDP- Leukoreduced  Single donor platelet by apheresis method.
No. of patients treated annually-

Every year, increases progressively, by helping and treating patients with low Hemoglobin and low platelet count by our component therapy- PCVs, PCs and FFPs.


 Major achievements in the department:

– Even with low number of donors we have tried to help all patients even in surrounding gynec hospitals.

Minimal Blood transfusion reactions have been recorded.

– Every month camps are conducted to gather blood units for patients of our hospital and people have donated without any incentives.

We would also like to note the start of a partnership with well-known no download casinos that have supported our activities and regularly contribute to the bank’s replenishment.

– Successfully achieved the license for preparing SDP- Single Donor Platelets

Departmental list of Treatment / Surgery / Procedures:

Component Therapy: Packed Cell volume for patients with low hemoglobin ,
Fresh Frozen Plasma for patients with coagulative disorders,

  Platelet Concentrate for patients with low platelet count

  Whole Blood for replacement therapy in some patients

   Single Donor Platelets- SDP for patients with low platelet count

Future projects & plans: Keeping in mind the cancer patients in our hospital with low immunity after leukoreduced platelts, we are planning to start leuko depleted products for better outcomes for patients.

Donated blood is tested by Chemiluminiscence method- considered the best to detect HIV,  HBsAg and HCV virus load if present even  in minimal quantity. Hence the blood given for transfusion is of the best quality.

We have best storage facilities for blood and products with walk in cold rooms after processing and Autoclaves for discard of infected blood.

We have Quality control laboratory to keep a daily check on blood and products given for transfusion.