♦️ Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is actively involved in Research and this includes,

   •      Genomic Research and Academic Research and

   •      Sponsored Clinical Research


      Facilities at the site are -

      Dedicated Clinical Research Department

      IP storage space, Procedure room

      Archival Room

      Deep freezer (-20,-70◦C)


      Laminar Airflow

      Facility for carrying out all the investigations at the site

      Good patient population coming from different parts of India

      Qualified Clinical Research Team:


      Clinical Research Coordinators

      Study Nurse




  •     The Clinical Research department  is having DCGI  registered Institutional Ethics Committee (Registration No:ECR/49/Inst/GJ/2013). Re-registration no. ECR/49/Inst/GJ/2013/RR-19


  •     The site is well equipped for conducting BA-BE trials and has been certified by USFDA for the same.


  •     The Site has been inspected by DCGI in the year 2013 and USFDA in 2016 and 2019 with no findings.



  •     Since inception approximately 70 clinical trials have been conducted in the department which includes Indian and Global trials.