Clinical Hematology

♦️ Overview of Department

   The department of clinical hematology provides consultation and treatment to people with blood related disease and disorders. These include both benign and malignant blood diseases.


   The aim of department is to provide high standards of care on the foundation of ethical principles, scientific basis and professional excellence. The department also involved in various research activities.



                     ♦️  Expertise

   The clinical hematology department provides specialist consultation and treatment in both benign and malignant blood diseases.

  ♦️ Benign blood disease and disorders


        ●  Nutritional anemia (Iron deficiency anemia, megaloblastic anemia etc.)

        ●  Hemolytic anemia (Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia, Hereditary spherocytosis etc.)

        ●  Hemoglobinopathies ( Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia)

        ●  Low Platelet (Immune thrombocytopenia, Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura etc.)

        ●  Bleeding related disorders (Hemophilia, von willebrand disease etc.)

        ●  Acquired aplastic anemia

        ●  Bone marrow failure syndromes (Fanconi anemia, DKC etc.)

        ●  Thrombosis (Deep Vein Thrombosis etc.)

        ●  Primary Immunodeficiency disease (WAS, SCID etc.)


 ♦️  Blood cancer (Hemato-oncology)

        ●  Leukemia (ALL, AML, CML etc.)

        ●  Lymphoma ( Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin lymphoma)

        ●  Multiple myeloma

        ●  Myelodysplastic syndrome (Pre malignant condition)

♦️ Procedures

        ●  Bone marrow aspiration

        ●  Bone marrow Biopsy

        ●  Therapeutic and diagnostic lumbar puncture

        ● Peripheral and central line insertion

        ● Peripheral blood stem cell harvest

        ● Bone marrow stem cell harvest

        ● Stem cell Cryopreservation

        ● Therapeutic venesction

        ● Therapeutic partial exchange transfusion for sickle cell disease


♦️  Technological Advancement



   Immunotherapy and targeted therapy for blood cancer (lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma).

   Stem cell transplantation for premalignant conditions (MDS), blood cancer (leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma) and benign conditions (Thalassemia major, sickle cell disease, and primary Immunodeficiency etc.) are done in the department of clinical hematology.


   Autologous stem cell transplant, matched related allogeneic stem cell transplant, haploidentical stem cell transplant and matched unrelated stem cell transplant are done in the department of clinical hematology.


   Day care chemotherapy unit: For OPD basis Hemato-oncology patient.


   Isolation ward : for Indoor Hemato-oncology patients


   Neutropenic ward: Specially designed isolation ward with HEPA- filter with positive pressure ventilation for Neutropenic patients.


   Stem cell Transplant ward: Specially designed isolation ward with anteroom and HEPA-filter and positive pressure ventilation for stem cell transplant.