♦️ Overview of Urology Department

● Full time Urology care under consultants Dr Jaimin Shah and Dr Nisarg Mehta with scientific, ethical, rational, evidence based management of Urological Disorders.

♦️ Expertise

● Endourology Procedures for Stone diseases and Prostate.

● Flexible Ureteroscopy (RIRS)

● TURBT, TURP (Bipolar technology)

● Laser Prostatectomy (ThuFLEP)

● Ureteroscopy

● VIU for Urethral Strictures

● Cystolithotripsy

● Andrology

● Laparoscopic Urology

● Reconstructive Urology

● Female Urology

● Uro-oncology

♦️ Practical Applications

● State of the art Thulium Fibre Laser (Fibredust, Quanta,Italy) for Flexible Ureteroscopy and Laser Prostatectomy facilitating minimally invasive surgery.

●OPD based Uroflowmetry for evaluation of Lower urinary tract symptoms

●Advanced Endourology and Laparoscopy suite